2014 Community Easter Egg Hunt

 April 19, 2014 - Brimfield Circle Center Field


We had a beautiful, relatively warm (about 60 degrees), sunny day for our community Easter egg hunt.

The Easter Bunny stopped by to visit. The egg hunt started promptly at 2pm.

There were two groups. Everyone had lots of fun and the eggs were quickly gathered!


Below are some pictures from the event. If you are shown in a picture and would like to be removed, or you have pictures
you would like to add to this photo gallery, please contact one of the HOA board members and let them know.



easter-2014-img-0010  easter-2014-img-0020

easter-2014-img-0030  easter-2014-img-0040

easter-2014-img-0050  easter-2014-img-0060

easter-2014-img-0070  easter-2014-img-0080

easter-2014-img-0090  easter-2014-img-0100

easter-2014-img-0110  easter-2014-img-0120

easter-2014-img-0130  easter-2014-img-0140

easter-2014-img-0150  easter-2014-img-0160

easter-2014-img-0170  easter-2014-img-0180

easter-2014-img-0185  easter-2014-img-0190

easter-2014-img-0200  easter-2014-img-0210